There will enviably be unattractive things in a home… power cords, the old comfy armchair, kids toys or exercise equipment. The key is misdirection.

Adding a focal point in a room draws people to it. This is usually the interesting part of the room. For older homes it was the fireplace & mantle, for new open planned living homes it can be the kitchen. Make a statement in that lovely, clean & interesting space to draw the eye. Anything over 180 degrees from this (the peripheral of our eyesight) is hard to see. ‘Hide’ the unattractive stuff in this space. This can be done for most rooms. You can also try to minimise the intensity of the unattractive elements by blending them with their surroundings. Tying cords together or running them along skirting boards. Drape a neutral coloured throw on the old chair to make it blend with the wall or floor & put a bright cushion on the nice sofa. You’ll be amazed how our eye will be led away by something colourful.

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Style Like a Pro Tips #8 MISDIRECTION