#7 Flow

The layout of your room is important. Can you access all areas? If not, think about why.

Maybe the furniture is in the wrong place, it’s the wrong size or shape, there’s too many items hanging around or the doors are located in bad places. Room layouts can be quirky with walkways through the middle of lounge rooms or the backs of sofas to the entry door so you have to walk all the way around to sit down. Consider what is the best flow. How would you like to use the space.

Even take all the furniture out & have a truthful look at the room. Put items back in to the room in order of necessity. For example, a lounge room may be television first. Where can it go so it can be used best & then place around it keeping in mind the flow & the ability to access the whole room. A new configuration or new piece of furniture could make all the difference.

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Style Like a Pro Tips #7 FLOW