If your house could talk, what would it say?

What stories could it tell about you? About the people who came before you?

The smiles, the tears, all the best & worst aspects of life.

We can see the scars of a lifetime (or more) – that dent in the door frame from the skateboard, the scratched paint from the dog, the cracked window (we blame our Uncle for that) & marks on the floor from spilled drinks. Our homes tell a huge story.

In the past, generations of people would live in the same home. The house or homestead was a massive part of their lives, like a warm & protective Grandma. Now days we seem to treat houses like a stepping stone to the next best one we can get. Almost like our throw-away society, but it really shouldn’t be that way.

Houses are a massive expense & investment, with a third of people in Australia living in their homes owing a mortgage & paying over 30% of their weekly income on the repayments, with the majority of home loans being at least 10 years long. So over a third of our money for over a decade goes to keeping this investment! That definitely commands respect.

But what about our time? We spend hours weekly cleaning, gardening & maintaining the house, as well as the yearly fixups & renovations that most people do. I find that this is not only important to keep up the maintenance but also keeps you connected to it & paying attention to what it needs, which is especially important with an old Grandma house, like I have.

So think about your home in the long term way. The investment opportunity it is, & the personality you would like your home to have. If you focus on your house that way you will make a home & a long term plan for your future.


For tips on how to find storage spaces in older homes see this free blog – https://www.interiordesigneralbury.com.au/storage-for-older-homes/

A Grandma of a Home