I saw a client of mine yesterday & she spoke of a friend of hers who hired a designer but was unhappy with the result.

My heart sunk when I heard that.Open invite Taubmans

An average people think about a renovation for 6 years before starting any work.

So that means that lovely person had waited for years, finally gathered the courage to get started, only to hit another road block. And who knows when they will finally get what they want.

It is devastating as this is YOUR HOME. This is the place you return to on a daily basis, & 6 years of coming home to something that truly bothers you is quite sad.

Our lives should be filled with things & people that make us feel good. Not a list of reasons to be unhappy.

So stop procrastinating. Order that new sofa, paint that feature wall & contact your tradesperson & get the ball rolling.

LOVE your home, everyday. Not 6 years from now!


6 Years of Procrastinating