When paying attention to YOUR sense of style you will find your colour palette. Most people live in white or neutral now days & add pops of vibrancy in décor. If this is the case, make sure you add a little bit of colour up onto the walls. This can be with art, curtains, décor or a simple feature wall. Even if you do live in white on white, you need a focal point enjoy, otherwise it can look sterile & blank.

If you love colour, go all out & paint the whole room in a hue. Keep the trimmings (skirting, architraves & doors) of the whole house in white. This not only highlights the colours but allows your home to still have a consistency. White is a grounding colour. We usually have white toilets, basins, ceilings & fittings. It is already being used in your home so it can flow all the way through effectively & allow your chosen colours to really shine.

Style Like a Pro Tips #5 COLOUR