When setting up a room there are a few basics.

First – the layout. This is the structure or shape of the room. You may need to employ a builder to remove a wall or change a door position to ensure it flows.

Secondly – the main purpose. If it is a Lounge Room then you have the sofa, TV & coffee table to fit comfortably in the space. And I say that on purpose – comfortably. Rooms are meant to be used, not a showcase. Make sure the size of these pieces are correct & facing the right directions.

And Third – décor. This is the movable, possibly colourful & interesting pieces you surround the main purpose pieces with. You can really bring in personality or current styles (if it is what you like), & as these are easily movable & replaceable they can be shuffled along as you find the next piece you enjoy.

Style Like A Pro Tips #2 LAYERS