#15 Add to the Architecture

The best way to give personality to a room is to build it in. Add a fireplace, clad a wall with timber, cut out a wall niche, add a bulkhead or add a sky window in a recessed ceiling.

Rooms can look like a box with flat walls & ceiling. Instead of just decorating the inside of the box, why not re-shape it. Timber framed houses with interior plasterboard walls can have niches cut into them relatively easily to reveal wall shelves. The same for the ceilings either dropping down with bulkheads in certain areas or raised for the feeling of more air. A fireplace or mantle can be added to most rooms, even with an electric flush mount fireplace requiring only a power point & a protruding wall added to create a focal point. Add your décor into the architecture of your home.


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Style Like A Pro Tips #15 ADD to the ARCHITECTURE