#13 Storage

This is important in every space as we have so much ‘stuff’ now days. Think cleverly about your room to find under-utilised space. Under bed storage tubs, the tops of wardrobes, inside staircases, under island benches. Each room has an area to tap into. You could have your kitchen kickboards made with removable fronts to slide in large platters, trays or wine bottles. Vertically use a ladder or rack to hang shoes, towels in a bathroom or pots & pans in a kitchen. Add shelves above washing machines with clean white baskets to store washing powders or liquids. Install a set of neat corner shelves in an entry way for keys or small pot plants. Create wall niches in narrow spaces, utilising the interior wall cavities to add a shelf or sneaky wall cabinets.

If you can’t tap into the structure of the home, think cleverly about furniture pieces. Can they have multiple purposes like storage ottomans, sofa beds or tucked away office spaces. Use bookcases to utilise the height of the room & keep them in light colours to not feel imposing. Add baskets on shelves to store smaller items, roll or fold blankets & place them as well as your cushions on the shelves for easy access. Houses are large & there’s always a place to gain more storage.

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Style Like A Pro Tips #13 STORAGE